Award ‘Best short documentary’ for BECOMING at Innsbruck Nature Film Festival

Award ‘Best short documentary 2018’ for BECOMING at Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria

Many thanks to the whole festival team and the jury!

From the Jury report:
BECOMING hypnotically shows us the miracle of coming to life in a very simple and delicate way. 
The film makes us wonder and understand where we all came from also as humans.  
It shows the very complex mechanism of nature and makes the single creation of all beings look even more magical. 

The filmmaker successfully condenses 3 weeks into a few minutes, accompanied by a gently embracing sounddesign, leading spectators through the exceptional journey of birth.


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The art of flying opened the Sound & Vision night at Interfilm Berlin 2016

One of the biggest screens in Berlin, a handful of the best musicians, and a few of the most exciting short films of the year: That’s the recipe for SOUND & VISION at Interfilm International Short Film Festival, Berlin, Germany. As in the previous five years, on this evening more than 20 musicians board the Volksbühne and accompany the evening’s films with original soundtracks especially composed for this event. An evening filled with audiovisual superlatives.

The art of flying opened this very special evening with live music of Smalltape Syndrome (piano + guitar).


3 more international film festivals for The art of flying

The art of flying will participate in 3 more festivals:

L’Alternativa Independent Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain (Short film competition) 16-22 November 2015
More info: L’Alternativa
Tehran International Short Film Festival, Iran (International competition and Video Art section) 11-17 November 2015
More info: Tehran Short FF
Planet in focus Environmental Film Festival, Toronto, Canada (Short film competition) 19-25 October 2015
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