Becoming and The art of flying screened at Through the looking glass, Leiden

Through the looking glass is an exhibition by EST Art Foundation, Leiden, NL in the dark hours from December 27 2021 to February 27 2022,  while still following COVID restrictions. Works shine every day from  dusk to 11pm. This exhibition is for everyone to be seen while walking or cycling in Singelpark Leiden, Through the looking glass.

Artists: Jos Agasi, Jan van IJken, Mathias Krissmer, Inge Reisberman,  Eefje Vaghi, Karin Rianne Westendorp, Wright & van ‘t Hoog.

Area: Energiepark
Venues:Papegaaisbolwerk 18 and 20, Portiersloge Ambachtsplein,  De Sleutels Langegracht, Maresingel, all Leiden, the Netherlands.

Through the looking glass is about wonder and amazement, about awareness, research and seeing through. From outside to inside and, about light and darkness. The EST 2022 Through the Looking glass schedule will celebrate the capacity for researching the exquisite complexity of natural phenomena.

We co-operate with Leiden2022, European City of Science Leiden 2022.
Special thanks to Leiden Culture Dept., Energiepark leiden, Fields of Wonder, De Sleutels and Pronck

27 December 2021 – 27 February 2022