Screenings and Awards

2023 Short Cutz Amsterdam Annual Awards, 3 nominations for Best Documentary, Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack (for Jana Winderen)
2022 J.B. CZECZ AWARD FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY at Włodzimierz Puchalski International Nature Film Festival, Łódź, PL
2022 GFN (Green Film Network) Award , Nomination
2022 Nikon Small World in motion, Honorable Mention

2023 BBC Planet Earth III, Ocean episode: short plankton sequence, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Photography Nominations / Awards:

2022 Wildscreen Panda Awards, category Photo Story, Nomination (6 photos)
2022 Nature Photographer of the year, Highly Commended (1 photo)
2022 Close Up photographer of the year, Finalist (1 photo)
2021 Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition, 9th Place (1 photo)
2019 Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition, Honorable Mention (1 photo)

Art Galleries, Museums, etc.
2024, Dunea, visitors centre De Tapuit, Wassenaar, NL
2023 Polaris, Tromsø, NO, group exhibition
2023 Kunstenlab, Deventer, NL (during the exhibition Prima Materia by Simone Albers)
2023 ZKM Center for Art and Media, group exhibition Renaissance 3.0 Karlsruhe, DE (25 March 2023 – 25 February 2024)
2023 Miramar Museum (whale exhibition), Vledder, NL
2022 Acquistion of one film copy by Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, NL and screening in the Auditorium
2022 Part of the Leiden European City of Science program

Performance ‘O’ with singer / songwriter Naima Joris
Live improvisation of plankton footage, with musicians Naima Joris, Niels van Heertum and Vitja Pauwels
2024 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Art Directions program
2023 Videodroom (Viernulvier & Film Fest Gent), De Vooruit, Gent, BE

Film Festivals
2023 Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinéma (RISC), Marseille, FR
2023 KIKK festival, Namur, BE
2023 Reframe Film Festival, Peterborough, CA
2022 Utopiales International Sci-Fi Fest, Nantes, FR
2022 Bergen International Film Festival, NO
2022 Science film festival in Tartu and Tallinn (daughter festival of Pärnu Film Festival), EE
2022 San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition, USA
2022 Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht, NL (selection Gouden Kalveren competition)
2022 RAW Science Film Festival, USA
2022 All Living Things Environmental Film Festival, IN
2022 WHAT COMES MEX – 30 Jahre Krach?, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, DE
2022 Forad Camp Nature and Cinema Exhibition, ES
2022 Raw Science Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA
2022 Pärnu Film Festival, EE
2022 Summer Film Fest, Bergen, NO
2022 Korea International Ocean Film Festival, Busan, KR
2022 Leiden Shorts, NL (Science Program)
2022 Maui Film Festival, Hawaï, USA
2022 DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, CA
2022 Ecozine Film Festival, Zaragoza, ES
2022 AFO Academia Science Documentary Film Festival, Olomouc, CZ (Short Film Competition)
2022 Cinemare Int Ocean Film Festival, Kiel, DE
2022 Florida Film Festival, USA
2022 International Ocean Film Festival, San Francisco, USA
2022 CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival, Copenhagen, DK (Science Program)
2021 Short Cutz, Amsterdam, NL
2022 Environmental Film Festival in the nation’s capital, USA
2022 Ibiza Cinefest, ES
2022 Moon Gallery: ISS Launch Party, Amsterdam, NL
2022 Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder, USA
2022 Wild & Scenic Film Festival, Nevada, USA
2021 Inscience Film Festival, Nijmegen, NL (Dutch Premiere)
2021 Riom Scientific Film Festival, FR
2021 Braunschweig International Film Festival, special program The Netherlands, DE
2021 Message 2 Man Int. Film Festival, In Silico competition, St. Petersburg, RU
2021 Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, Short Joy competition, CZ (World Premiere)